What is Freelance Auditing?

Freelance Auditing is not to be employed full-time but working on a part-time basis.


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 LATEST! Some Freelance Auditors can audit and recommend UKAS and JAS-ANZ certificates for certification body now.

This page will be on all the Q&A (Questions asked and Answers) on the Freelance Auditing process.

More and more Q&A (Questions with Answers) asked will be updated here.

1. All Freelance Auditors must be registered with IRCA UK or IEMA UK.

2. All Freelance Auditors must show commitment to the IRCA and IEMA Code of Ethics.


3. All Freelance Auditors - can be anyone interested. YOU!

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Mr BH Soh (6019) 714-3039 / (65) 9649-3390

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Where is your Network and Contacts?


The question is always being asked - where can I audit after my registration with IRCA UK or IEMA UK? 

  1. Malaysia: if you have ex-clients who wants to engage your ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 auditing services. So, any contacts?
  2. Singapore: the retiring age is now above 60 and soon will be 65 anytime. Companies may want to save cost with experienced staff above 55.  So, any contacts?
  3. Vietnam: the CB's country of origin have 800+ companies in Vietnam, mostly in Ho Chi Minh city. So, any contacts?
  4. China: the HQ must be in Malaysia or Singapore with branches in China. No direct ISO certificates can be issued there at this moment. So, any contacts?
  5. Indonesia:  No problem if you can speak Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Indonesia. A new area of opportunity as most CB (certification bodies) quote in US$! So, any contacts?


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